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The Expiring Multi Party (EMP) is UMA's most current financial smart contract template. This UI is a community-made tool to make interfacing with the protocol easier, please use at your own risk. The source code can be viewed here. UMA's main Github can be viewed here.


of collateral supplied


of synthetic tokens outstanding
General Info

Expiry date: N/A UTC

Is expired (Docs): N/A

Price identifier: N/A

Identifier price: N/A

Identifier sources:

Global collateral ratio: N/A

Collateral requirement: N/A

Unique sponsors: N/A

Minimum sponsor tokens: N/A

Dispute Params

Liquidation bond (Docs): N/A

Dispute bond: N/A

Dispute reward (for sponsor): N/A

Dispute reward (for disputer): N/A

Withdraw liveness in mins (Docs): 0.00

Liquidation liveness in mins (Docs): 0.00